Archducal residence

One of the most eminent historical buildings in Eastern Austria was modestly yet mysteriously named after “Eugen,” Archduke of Austria, who inherited it in 1894. Then the exceptional palais fell into a deep slumber for many decades until it was revitalized for the first time in 1976.

Architectural elements such as a steep, half-hipped roof, tastefully arranged avant-corps, turrets, face-brick walls, and timber structures in the gable area add to the elegant look of this late-historicist palais.

This stately home is indeed nothing less than a palace – an elevated residence whose excellent structure has doubtlessly ensured a palatial living experience for its owners over the past 134 years. Forty rooms with a total area of 2,300 m² including the outbuilding leave nothing to be desired in terms of free space, calm and contemplation.

Its spacious 55,000-m² park offers a magnificent backdrop for parties and receptions with eminent guests, but also for sporting activities and invigorating morning strolls. Setting foot in its 4- to 5-meter-high rooms, complete with stucco-embellished ceilings, is a unique experience. Visitors inevitably contemplate taking up permanent residence in this historical jewel.

The distinguished palais represents timeless value and emanates an aura of dignity and class. This is no doubt the most famous building in the spa town of Baden bei Wien. It is a milestone in the history of the entire region, with an appearance that piques curiosity and invites a closer look.

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